Welcome to Oceanic Bliss Wellness, an oasis for relaxation, better health and renewal located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Here you can relax with our various spa services of massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy essential oil treatments. Also, treat yourself to our amazing health products to support your path to optimal wellness. We are here to help serve you! 

We also offer fun and informative wellness classes and Emotional Intimacy and Adventure Marriage retreats.



Learn about Skye and Rebecca, the key practitioners at Oceanic Bliss Wellness.


We offer massage, therapeutic bodywork, reflexology, essential oil applications.

essential oils

We offer private consultations, therapeutic essential oil treatments and classes about essential oils.

couples retreats

Experience greater wellness, more loving relationships and fun adventure on this week-long retreat.

We hope you'll walk away with a bit more peace in your life after making some time for yourself with one of our treatments.

  • Skye sees the body from the inside out. His kinesthetic awareness and instinctual knowing of the body distinguishes his bodywork.
    — Diane Israel - Psychotherapist, Former World-Class Athlete
  • To receive reflexology from Rebecca is an invitation into a space where you can breathe deeper, exhale longer and want to dive into ultimate relaxation and healing. She is an inspiration to all who know her on taking the simple steps toward living a wonderful, healthy life.
    — Hillary, LMP, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • I have been lucky enough to get bodywork from Skye for the last two years. The combination of Gyrotonic and deep tissue work has had a profound effect on my body (which was severely injured from a car accident). Skye's knowledge of anatomy and his powerful hands make his work incomparable.
    — Vicki Hunter — CU Professor, triathlete
  • Skye is the first massage practitioner whose work I have found to be truly relaxing. He is a gifted bodyworker who is equally capable working with a specific area or problem as he is working on the entire body.
    — Deborah Ching, RN